Seven Tips for a Networking Event

November 6, 2015

First of all congratulations. Deciding to go to what could be a lame or awkward event is likely going to pay off in some way. It’s better than just going home and getting absorbed by your couch. Since you’ve decided to go, here are seven quick tips to help you make the most out of it.

1. The bar is usually the place to be.

Not to slam drinks but to ease into natural interactions. As soon as someone turns from the bar, you can strike up a conversation on the sidelines of the “playing field”.

2. Set some goals.

Maybe you won’t achieve them because other opportunities presented themself. But when you set goals it keeps you focused on your objectives. You can change the gameplan, just be sure to have one.

3. Don’t be overly aggressive.

Avoid being rude when inserting yourself into conversations. No one wants to be around that person.

4. Share.

Be willing to share your contacts and information with people even if it seems like there may be no reciprocation. Call it good karma if that helps.

5. Make your story compelling.

When you talk about what you do you can lead with your title, but show some spark when you talk about things that really interest you. Be human.

6. Graceful exit.

Politely excuse yourself from conversations. No running! And leave while the place is still at least half full.

7. Thank the organizer.

The writer Malcolm Gladwell uses the term Maven for someone who is really good at connecting different people. Your organizer is likely to be one, and could be a pivotal person to know. And it’s just good form to thank them.

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