Benefits of Temp-to-Perm

February 27, 2015

Test Drive.

The biggest benefit for working with a temp-to-perm arrangement for both employer and employee is the ability to try out the position before committing. Temp-to-perm gives an employer a lot more flexibility to make a smarter decision. You can learn about someone when they’re all dressed up and well-rehearsed for their interview. But what about their behavior and their motivations on a Tuesday three weeks later when maybe there doesn’t seem to be as much to prove? Isn’t that what makes more of the difference?

It Usually Works Out.

It takes resources to onboard and train someone, and no one wants that to be for nothing. So while there is more opportunity to scrutinize and evaluate someone who is temporary, the general incentive for all is for this to be a stepping stone to permanent, and for everything to work out. For both parties, it allows a disaster to be averted more easily. An employee can have the experience on the resume as a “contract” position so it doesn’t portray a professional inability to stick around. The employer gets flexibility around the hiring process which can often be painfully bureaucratic.


Some companies still segregate contractors from full time explicitly even in email addresses. This practice is changing and with the prevalence of contractors and more fluid employment arrangements in general, the stigma of being temporary is not really much of one any more. It’s just too commonplace. So, someone in temporary status is not as likely to have issues integrating and will have the opportunities to succeed that they need.

What about Health Care?

For someone who gets benefits through a spouse, contracting can mean more money in the paycheck. This means there’s incentive even for people who are already employed to drop their full-time jobs and try something new without having to worry about health care costs. There is no one-size-fits-all arrangement but temp-to-perm is becoming more and more of an appealing option for everyone.

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