Case Study: Letting Your Contractors Know Their Importance

November 4, 2015

Who really wants to be just another candidate, just another grind, just another job placement?

But it’s understandable that contractors and the professionals who work with them to find job placements can all easily fall into a monotonous rut that undervalues everyone’s role in the process.

The Challenge
The staffing world can too often seem indifferent to candidates. At NextGen, we care about our contractors as much as our clients, and our goal is always to match the right contractor with the right job. So what could NextGen do to let contractors we successfully place know that the NextGen team is still vested in their professional success? How could we reinforce our continued commitment to our clients?

The NextGen Solution
Make it personal—that is the NextGen solution. It’s what the company is founded on—a personal interest in our contractors and a personal investment in finding the best situation for every contractor.
NextGen packages and sends every contractor we place a unique, personalized Contractor Care Kit that the recruiter assembles for maximum presentation impact. Consider it a “welcome to your new job” swag package.

Each kit includes:
• a tote bag
• NextGen cup
• pen
• box of mints
• koozie
• mouse pad
• name plate engraved with the candidate’s name
• welcome note from NextGen’s President

But the actual swag isn’t the most important thing about the NextGen Contractor Care Kits: it’s extending and reinforcing the personal relationship forged between NextGen and all our contractors. When a candidate starts a new job, it doesn’t end NextGen’s interest in that person—it’s simply the beginning of a new relationship. And who doesn’t need a nice pen or a tote bag?

NextGen contractors appreciate the Care Kits. The thought and effort alone impresses; it doesn’t hurt that the swag is extremely functional and can be used on a daily basis. In fact, NextGen was singled out at a recent industry convention for this unique and thoughtful effort.
But maybe it’s best said by a happily placed NextGen contractor who received a Care Kit: “Thank you for taking the time to show your appreciation to me. The package alone is enough to make someone recommend NextGen!”

About NextGen
We are not your typical placement company. Conceived by a group of veterans with decades of telecom experience, NextGen was created to provide a better means of recruiting and consulting in the telecom industry. The true differentiating factor is the comprehensive analysis we perform for all of our clients. We make time to invest in our clients’ expertise and our candidates’ unique needs. Our novel structure is focused on one core issue: placing the most talented people in the field at the best companies. We have helped find jobs and employees in all 50 US states, Canada, plus several other global markets. We operate from multiple locations across the US and Canada.

Click here to download our case study.

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