How Design Basics Can Help Your Job Search

November 4, 2016

If after countless applications your résumé is not getting the calls you want, maybe it is time to consider adding some eye-candy. With some simple tweaks you can swiftly persuade employers to take a real look at your education and experience, paving the way to get that dream job. Make your application stand out from the rest and bring your job search to fruition with these résumé design basics.

Font choice matters

Different font combinations deeply affect the way your résumé will be received. See this infographic to learn how some common font types are perceived.

  • Stick to high-legibility fonts, one for the headings and another for the body.
  • A safe bet is a Sans Serif typeface for the body, such as Arial, Calibri, Lucida Sans or Verdana.
  • For headings, you can play it safe with one of the Sans Serif fonts mentioned above or find an elegant combination with Serif such as Garamond, Cambria, Georgia, or Bookman Old Style.

Dress for the job you want

Consider first the nature of the job you are applying to when designing your résumé. For example:

  • Executives might want to take a formal, classic approach with an elegant twist.
  • Graphic designers and other artistic professions can use their résumé to show off their skills.
  • Problem-solving positions can benefit from a simple, elegant layout that displays out-of-the-box thinking.

Analyzing the requirements of the position will also help you figure out how to aim your skills to create a bull’s-eye résumé.

Content – Keep it simple

Now fill in the blanks. Clear headings, elegant layout and concise information are key to a great résumé. Submit a single page if possible. Do not forget to include a personalized cover letter!

  • List first your name and profession. If desired, include a short tagline or profile description.
  • Include only necessary contact information in the header.
  • Photo and age only if the job has particular requirements.
  • No hobbies or family information are needed, unless it pertains to the job.

As for your experience and qualifications, keep descriptions short and to the point, mentioning any awards, scholarships, grants and honors. In terms of the format, check out our post on the different resume formats that get job search results.

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