Employee Retention: Three Reasons Employees Leave

November 22, 2016

Is your organization experiencing higher than normal staff turnover? Poor employee retention can take a heavy toll on a company in numerous ways. Morale can hit devastating lows, ongoing projects can suffer, and the financial repercussions can have a sizable impact on the business.

If you are looking for effective solutions to boost employee retention, we’ve got you covered. The best way to reduce turnover is to understand the most commonly cited reasons employees leave organizations. Once you uncover the root causes, you can begin to develop a meaningful plan of action. Start to increase employee retention by reviewing three top reasons employees leave:

Lack of Opportunities to Grow

When employees feel as if they have limited to no opportunity to move or grow within an organization, they won’t stick around for long. It is natural for people to want to grow beyond their current responsibilities to something bigger and better. If your organization is limited in the opportunities it offers for promotions and growth, this could be a top factor causing high turnover.

Bored with the Job

If employees at your company no longer feel positively challenged, and are simply going through the motions each day, your business is at a higher risk for decreased staff retention. People in all job positions need to feel as if their job has purpose and meaning. A lack of new challenges, projects, and responsibilities can make even a once-loved job terribly boring.

Unhappy with Pay and Benefits

A third common reason for high turnover is a lack of adequate pay and benefits. If employees are being asked to complete a tremendous amount of work for lower than fair pay, or if benefits are lacking, job dissatisfaction can quickly occur. Staff members may soon look elsewhere for better pay and benefits, and will take those opportunities as soon as they become available.

While this is not an exhaustive list of all the reasons employees leave their jobs, it highlights some of the most common underlying issues. By starting to understand and address these issues, you can help reverse high turnover in your organization

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