Getting Your Team Ready for IoT

May 2, 2016

The Internet of Things will likely affect your business in many key ways. The biggest impact will likely come from the enormous uptick in the volume of data your team will have to process as IoT devices become more and more ubiquitous. So if your teams are struggling now to refine data so that it can benefit business decisions, well it’s not going to get any easier in the coming years. It might be time to retool your team to tackle data refinement challenges.

Second, you’re going to have to figure out the smartest way to use these new technologies. They are supposed to be mechanical advantages, not just another thing to have to manage. That means not jumping on the trendy devices so that you can seem forward-thinking but evaluating your business processes and figuring out what can be improved. This can be a big problem if say your CIO really wants some sexy new gadget because he heard his pals talking about it over lunch. Make sure the right people, usually the ones in the trenches, have as much input as possible over the devices they use to improve processes.

The three biggest segments of IoT devices that show a lot of promise in helping businesses manage their operations and talent are the following:

1. Mobile Phones and Tablets.

Getting your employees on a shared platform so they can interact and data is accessible is key.

2. Health and Fitness Trackers.

Especially for your HR department, encouraging good health and vitality can be key differentiators.

3. Location Trackers.

Skipping over the privacy issues, you’ll have better access to where everyone and everything is, and you’ll likely have a nice dashboard for this.

Avoiding data overload and too much analysis leading to paralysis shouldn’t keep your managers up at night. And it doesn’t have to with some forward preparation. Of course if it does keep you up at night, your fitbit will be able to track just how much sleep you’re losing.

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