How to Handle Annoying Hiring Managers

June 15, 2016

Maybe it’s a sign. When a hiring manager starts getting under your nerves, maybe it’s time to walk away. Right? Well, not necessarily. Once you get the job you might not be dealing with that hiring manager any more, so why let a bump in the road throw you off course? Here are some of the really annoying things we see hiring managers do and how we recommend you handle them.

1. Can we reschedule the interview?

It’s not easy when you are currently employed to give yourself 2 to 3 hours off work to pursue an interview. You can’t exactly tell your boss what you’re up to. This is really annoying and inconvenient, but unfortunately it’s often part of the process. It’s not always the most efficient process. Anyway, you answer this by saying yes, of course, that you’re flexible and can meet when it’s a good time for them. Yes, hold that exasperation in, the only thing it will do for you is cause you to lose an opportunity.

2. What’s your current salary?

So the good news is that if you get this question they must like you, the bad news is it’s going to inform them on how much they have to pay for you, as opposed to say how much value you’ll bring. Don’t forget to include your bonus and other parts of your compensation not enumerated in your salary.

3. We’ll get back to you.

It’s very common for companies to take a long time to make a decision, and it’s perfectly OK for you to email and ask where they are in the process. Be as diplomatic as possible, but prompt the action and remind them that you’re still interested. If you keep hearing nothing but crickets then it starts getting less and less likely you’re still in the running, but it’s OK to ask.

4. A junior position requiring 7 years of industry experience.

Sometimes hiring managers post for jobs in convoluted ways. They’re trying to please too many people and things get screwed up. The truth is, in your career you’re going to be asked to complete a lot of tasks that seem somewhat convoluted, your ability to soldier through could start from the beginning. If the opportunity seems good, forge ahead.

The hiring process is somewhat awkward, so good behavior and etiquette are important. Sometimes that means grinning through irritation. We’ve seen hiring managers do some really strange and inconsiderate things, and we’ve seen good careers make it through that opening turbulence. Keep yourself in the game by dealing with it, knowing you’ll eventually come out on top.

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