Here’s How You Answer the Have You Ever Been Fired Question

March 23, 2016

It’s OK to answer yes. Usually the bigger issue is gaps on a resume. Hiring managers are looking to refine their list of applicants. Refine is a nice way of saying cut you out, and narrow the decision for others. So, say yes if you have been, but at this point they’re going to pay close attention to how you react. This is what you do.

1. Stay Cool and Concise.

They want to make sure the reason for your firing won’t make you a risky hire. If you don’t think that seems clear, it may be worthwhile to emphasize a distinction between the cause for the firing and the value you’ll bring, but it’s important that this doesn’t sound like an excuse as opposed to a clarification. If it’s obvious then don’t dwell on it. Just stay cool. The firing can be a part of your story, how it made you better. How you learned. A concise answer that doesn’t sound like an excuse shows you’re comfortable with what happened and encourages them to be.

2. Just the Facts then Back to Your Winning Story.

This means no blaming anyone else’s deficiency in character or failure to spot your genius–these aren’t facts. Hiring managers don’t want to hear any blame. If you try to deflect it, it will come back at you. Get back to the positives of your story and how you’re gonna be a great fit and add tons of value.

Hiring managers are usually perceptive to different cues that point to dishonesty. Level with them when you give your answers. Be prepared for the tough questions so they don’t cause you to break stride. They’re looking for the right skills, but if the firing doesn’t point to a continuing deficiency there then great but also make sure you seem like a good fit and someone comfortable tackling the tough questions.

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