Should You Hire a Millennial or Someone Mid-Career

April 20, 2016

The Millennial is starting to seem like an overly studied new humanoid, earning the title “digital native” which again seems slightly paleontological. Is this hyper-studied generation really all that different from previous ones? Probably not. Different? Yes, but the changes probably aren’t as drastic as they seem. Sure they want craft beers and nice coffee, but beyond that proclivity for overpriced beverages, they’re really not all that different from other generations, and as a separate note to marketers: they don’t have a ton of money (except for [and perhaps because of] the aforementioned beverage proclivity).

But choosing to hire a seasoned veteran vs. a rookie is something hiring managers need to consider. The truest answer is that your company needs both. It needs young fire ready rookies to challenge the status quo and it needs its seasoned vets who know how to hunker down and get stuff done under pressure abiding with office culture.

Every generation likes to think it’s less lazy than the new one coming up (threatening their jobs) but it’s probably more about access to different ways of doing things. So what if you walked through 3 feet of snow and the younger set dialed up an Uber. If anything that makes them more resourceful right?

The Stronger Skill Set Likely Goes to the Mid-Career Pros

If you want to hire someone who is stable and will be able to fit in more quickly, you probably should hire the mid-career professional. However, it’s important to remember that in as soon as 2020, millennials will have the largest representation in the workforce, so you want your office to be ready, and you’re gonna need more than just good beverages to make it work.

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