Hiring Better in Five Steps

April 13, 2016

Good hiring practices aren’t all that difficult but they do require a lot of follow-through. Using your instincts or “gut” to make the final call is an approach that works well for a lot of organizations, even if it’s harder for, say a staffing agency (ahem) to deal with an approach that has less rigor. Whether you’re hiring your first or 500th person, here are five things to focus on to make the winning choice.

1. Define the Role.

The first step of the scientific method, if you can think back to 7th grade, is to define the problem. Same sort of logic here, you want to keep the focus on the results you want to see from hiring someone and not get lost in the myriad nuances that engulf you once the hiring process starts.

2. Skype or Telephone Interview.

This will let you know if it’s worth the time and effort for a face-to-face interview with the person. It’s an easy way to separate the metaphorical wheat from the metaphorical yeah yeah you get it.

3. Check References.

Don’t skip this step. You can gain enormous insight especially from previous managers. Their enthusiasm, or lack thereof, speaks volumes.

4. Consider Training.

Even if you hire from the gut and have the utmost faith in your instincts, there’s probably training available that can make you even better. If you’ve had no training in interviewing and hiring then there’s a great chance that you’ll learn something that will pay off in a big way.

5. OnBoard Like a Champ.

How does this detail get looked over at so many companies, big and small? One CEO told us he didn’t mind a new-hire going through an awkward phase, he saw it as a rite of passage. This is not a good rite of passage. If you want to see a return on your investment for hiring, this is not a good strategy.

While it’s fun telling someone they’re hired (most of the time). The hiring process isn’t easy and it usually takes time. Sometimes you get lucky, but most of the time it’s tenacity that gets rewarded. Hiring right the first time sets your team up for success, and that’s the overarching goal. Follow these five steps and get there more quickly.

About NextGen

NextGen is the brainchild of longtime telecom professionals with nearly 50 years of experience and millions of dollars in Telecom Recruiting Services. We focus on establishing long term relationships with our clients and candidates so we can recruit the best and the brightest in the telecom industry. This ‘quality over quantity’ approach is at the heart of everything we do and has resulted in successful job placements at Fortune 1000 firms worldwide.

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