The Importance of Keeping Your Employees Engaged

February 22, 2017

Engaged employees are the ones who see the end goal, work towards more than completing a daily checklist and want to go the extra mile for themselves, their coworkers and the company. They are integral to your company’s success. They show up to work optimistic, excited and ready to tackle the day. Some employees are inherently enthusiastic about the work they do, and some need a little help along the way to stay focused and fulfilled. Engaged employees are good employees, and keeping them engaged is the basis of retaining talent.

Creating and maintaining employee engagement comes in different shapes and sizes. Here’s how to drive it, measure it and ultimately improve it.

Driving Factors

Take note from companies that offer learning opportunities, internal career development seminars, or social events in addition to a biweekly paycheck. They know a thing or two about the value of recognizing their employees’ hard work and investing in their growth. Employees who feel appreciated are generally more engaged. Communication is also key. Establish open lines of communication with leadership early on to help new hires feel connected and appreciated, and maintain a culture of honesty and openness. When the overall environment and culture of the workplace is positive, dynamic and filled with like-minded, go-getters, your employees are likely to be engaged and stick around.

Gauging Engagement

So, how can you measure your employees’ satisfaction and engagement? Send out an annual survey to receive honest and anonymous feedback. Ask for specific examples and areas your company could improve upon and what aspects of their work life they enjoy most. Take feedback into consideration as HR implements new benefits, as leadership plans for the next quarter, and when hiring new employees. Employees look to leadership’s attitude and involvement and as a result mirror their outlook of the company and work ethic. New hires are a reflection of the direction a company is moving in, so be sure to recruit the kinds of people your current employees will want to work with.

Improving and Maintaining

By encouraging a constant dialogue surrounding growth, recognizing and rewarding your employees’ hard work, and going the extra mile to make sure they are fulfilled and proud of the company they work for, you’ll have loyal, hard workers who are in it for the long haul. Never close the door to change, invest in your biggest asset, and create a fun culture that people will want to participate in. You’ll spend less time and money recruiting and replacing talent and more time on working towards achieving bottom line goals.

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