Interview and Job Hunt Etiquette

September 6, 2016

You probably know not to show up late for an interview, but do you also know you shouldn’t show up too early either? You don’t get extra points for every minute you’re early. If you make them have to figure out what to do with you for say 15 minutes or more, you’re being a pain. Don’t be a pain.

Be nice to everyone

Not just the ones you think are important. You’d be surprised how important everyone’s input can be in deciding if you’re the chosen one.

Address the group not the lead

Be sure to make eye contact with everyone and generally involve everyone in the discussion if you’re in a group interview. This shows you can collaborate and are sensitive to the entire group. These are good things.

Internet genius

Maybe you have an uncle who tried to impress everyone by claiming he knew, say, the recipe for McDonald’s ketchup. Yes, he found it online and felt really smart for being able to Google and demonstrate his Googling abilities. When you’re in an interview you want to demonstrate an understanding of the company you are seeking hire at, but don’t ask questions that are meant to demonstrate you are very clever at Googling. They won’t be impressed. Don’t be like your annoying uncle.

Excited but not pushy

You know those people who get really excited and all of sudden turn very demanding? Don’t turn into one of those people. Ask questions. Be curious, but don’t be a taskmaster. Don’t lose your sense of self.

Say thank you

Never forget to thank your interviewers. It ends everything with a nice tone and reminds them that you are a courteous person who understands things aren’t owed but gained. It makes a big difference.

It’s important to practice interviewing so you don’t forget to be courteous at the different points that demand it. These little niceties set the tone, and people make decisions based on this. Most of this should be somewhat second nature, just don’t lose yourself in the process or get ahead of yourself. And don’t forget to smile!

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