IoT and the Entrepreneur

May 23, 2016

The Internet of Things probably still sounds like expensive toys for Silicon Valley types, but that’s soon gonna change, and the greatest impact will be felt by entrepreneurs and startups. Here are four ways IoT will enable the best ideas to get to market more quickly.

1. Understanding your customer better.

One of the most infuriating unknowns to businessmen is how consumers feel about your product and how they use it. Big companies spend a lot of money going after this data because a product changes when it hits the market. It rarely stays inside the bounds of first intent. With devices tracking how and how often their products are used, developers will get a better sense of how to refine their products to better serve their customers.

2. Agile Teams.

While this might not bode well macroeconomically, smart devices will allow entrepreneurs to hire fewer people. IoT will allow for more automation over the rote office tasks small businesses face.

3. The Dashboard.

Every company big and small dreams of having a dashboard into all of the projects going on without having to have a meeting with alll the department heads present. IoT will allow more measuring and reporting on processes with little effort. This puts more power in the hands of the people you want making the decisions. At least we hope so anyway.

4. Better Health.

Skipped lunches, missed sleep, lack of physical activity. All of these things can be monitored now and you can set alarms for yourself so you don’t rut out into bad patterns when work gets demanding.

Used the right way, IoT devices will make your business much more productive and it will allow you to focus on the big ideas while the everyday stuff gets managed more precisely with automated systems. Investing now into these processes could put you ahead of the curve.

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