Linkedin Etiquette

October 28, 2015

Is there a greater fear than doing something really stupid on social media? Probably, but the social faux pas has to rank high in anxieties. The fear ratchets up a little on LinkedIn because this is supposed to be your “professional face,” your “employable brand”. So the rules of engagement are tighter, and yet the pressure is that you have to use the advantages of LinkedIn to network and find that dream job. So, we thought we’d make it easier on you, by listing the things you absolutely should NOT do on LinkedIn.

1. Craft a Good Thoughtful Network.

You don’t want to be too limiting, but you should be thoughtful about your network. Quality over quantity. When you hear someone has 2,000 friends on Facebook, what do you immediately think about that person? You probably think there’s a lot of superficiality brewing there.

2. Avoid Flagrant Self-Promotion.

This should seem a little paradoxical. You’re trying to promote yourself positively, but if this comes across, it will backfire. Go ahead and promote, say, an article you wrote or a project you’re on or a video you helped make, but be humble about it.

3. Give Thoughtful Recommendations and Request them.

There really is no greater authority on social media, maybe even the whole internet, than a thoughtful review from someone. Give and receive. Often.

4. Work the Top of the Page.

Above the fold or ATF content has more value to people. Describe what you do in human terms at the top of your profile. Don’t overdo the businesspeak or acronyms (like ATF, for example)

5. Be Gracious in Conversations.

You may have to hold back if you’re passionate. But it’s important to hold back. People remember good manners and want to work with people who espouse them.

6. It’s Free, but Be Diligent.

If you pay a lot of money for something, you’re less likely to let it go to waste. Avoid this mentality. What’s expensive is not using LinkedIn. This will cost you. Keep up with it every week. Set goals with it.

A good LinkedIn page isn’t the most important tool in finding the right job, but it’s no longer an optional tool. There’s more opportunity than reason for fear. Jump in and make the most of it.

About NextGen

NextGen is the brainchild of longtime telecom professionals with nearly 50 years of experience and millions of dollars in Telecom Recruiting Services. We focus on establishing long term relationships with our clients and candidates so we can recruit the best and the brightest in the telecom industry. This ‘quality over quantity’ approach is at the heart of everything we do and has resulted in successful job placements at Fortune 1000 firms worldwide.

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