Negotiating Salary: Knowing how to have “The Talk”

September 2, 2016

You just got a job offer. All the sneaking around your office on your cell and saying you have a doctors appointment so you can rush out for an interview has worked! You’re on an emotional high. And now it’s time to talk money. Arrggh. The stressors (both positive and negative) couldn’t be much higher. First: Congratulations. You did it, but now let’s see it through and make sure your next chapter will be a happy one filled with all the good stuff you deserve.

Will they pull the offer if I ask for too much?

Not likely. But if you’re asking for more than offered, you have to be very professional and positive about it. This negotiation can’t turn adversarial. The decision to hire you isn’t likely to be revoked unless you come across as the complete wrong person in terms of temperament and personality. At this point in time the person who just made you an offer is probably one of your most favorite people in the world. Still, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for adjustments if it’s off.

Be Very Responsive

It’s very important everything involved with this negotiation move to the front of your to-do list. Not everyone enjoys talking salary, but it can’t be put off. They will equate delay with a lack of interest, and you don’t want that.

Do the Research

You want to ask for a salary that fits with industry standards. Google around. Check out Glassdoor. But remember you’ll have to work with their budget and don’t get hung up on getting the salary the internet says you should have. Focus on what you want/need and what seems right, but again don’t be afraid to ask for a little more.


Be prepared to negotiate with certain benefits, like PTO or vacation time in lieu of greater salary. Maybe even unpaid time off could be attractive if you plan on heading to Europe in the coming year or some other long journey.

You’ve probably heard the horror stories of someone asking for extravagant perks and having their offer rescinded. That doesn’t happen very often. As long as you do the research, are very responsive and aren’t asking for anything too extravagant you should move forward negotiating towards the salary you want.

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