NextGen Newbie: Alexis Mancini

July 31, 2015

As we grow it’s important we do so thoughtfully, and we take time to acknowledge it. And yes we are growing, so you’ll see some new faces around the office. These are talented and motivated people, but they’re also a lot of fun to be around. And with that, we’d like to introduce Alexis Mancini who knows a lot about Italian cooking and Medieval literature. Perhaps there’s a theme restaurant developing here? Maybe not, but you will get an interesting conversation out of her.

Name something that makes your job feel rewarding.
Helping someone find that ideal role that they have been dreaming about.

What’s a superpower you’ve always wanted (fly, invisibility, superhuman strength, talk with animals) and how would you use this power?
I think I would have to say talk to animals, I have a dog, “Sophia” who is a little strange at times, and I would love to know what the heck she was thinking and be able to talk to her.

What’s the last album you listened to from start to finish?
Explosions In the Sky-Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

Where do you live?
Point Loma, San Diego-originally from Chicago, just moved a month ago.

What’s your device of choice?
My Kindle, I love to read.

What’s the strangest question you’ve heard in an interview that you’ve set up?
To be fair, I worked in IT recruiting for the past 4 years, I’ve heard a lot of strange ones, nothing really sticks out though.

What’s your favorite restaurant?
My father’s restaurant back home in Berwyn, IL, La Notte Café Ristorante Italiano. Can’t beat authentic Italian cooking!

What’s one piece of advice you give to candidates about to interview?
Take your time in answering questions and wait until the interviewer is done talking before you start to answer. Also, always give examples of your experience and how it relates to the role they are hiring for.

What’s one thing people would never know about you?
I am pretty much obsessed with medieval literature. Canterbury Tales, Morte d’Arthur, etc. That is what I have my degree in and have been in love with it ever since.

Any claims to fame? Maybe you won a Chubby Bunny contest or won a go-kart in a raffle?
None yet, working on that still….

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