Quick Response In The Telecom Boom

May 19, 2015

Keeping Up With Your Hiring Needs

With estimates of more than 200 million current smartphone users in the U.S. and more than two billion worldwide by 2016, it’s no wonder telecom companies have a persistent need for staffing—and doing it super-fast, too. Infrastructure and site development is everything—if your company can’t keep up, you lose. And if you can’t find top- tier talent to expand, secure, and upgrade your infrastructure to maintain the market pace, you’re sure to lose.

The Challenge

A prominent telecom company faced a staffing dilemma: they needed to create a task force immediately. And not
a small task force either—they needed nearly 30 first-rate professionals. They were poised to continue their surge
in the market because of the successful brand they’d developed and their ability to meet and exceed their client’s desires. But this was a big and unique challenge for the company. They needed to establish a task force dedicated
to securing new and upgrading existing cell sites. They’d have to do everything from identifying and evaluating new sites to reviewing and negotiating leases to applying for work permits. (Permitting alone needs an experienced team.) The talent they needed was expansive: acquisition specialists, project administrators, architects and engineers. The company made its first best decision: acknowledging they wouldn’t be able establish this large task force as quickly and efficiently as they needed on their own, they reached out to NextGen.

The NextGen Solution

When the telecom company contacted us, we understood their situation immediately. As telecom veterans, we’d been watching this massive industry growth spurt for years and years. We know what it means to connect the right candidates to the right companies. More importantly, we understood the scope of the company’s task force needs and immediately realized NextGen would have to innovate our process to meet the time-sensitive hiring process. Our recruiting team quickly met with the company to learn what precisely they were looking for—how many acquisition specialists, how many project admins, how many engineers? We determined that NextGen should be onsite throughout the hiring process. This would allow us to work closely (and quickly) with the hiring managers every single day as potential candidates came in to interview, visit the offices, and interact with current staff. Our client needed immediate results, so NextGen adapted.

We tapped our extensive database of qualified candidates—aggressively so. We implemented a rigorous screening process that began with interviewing potential candidates over the phone. Then we met with selected candidates in person at the client’s offices to determine if the candidate was right for a client interview. If so, we scheduled a meeting with the company’s hiring managers. Our goal was to ensure that the candidates we presented the company were all extremely viable employees. The clock was ticking—everyone involved wanted to make the quickest yet smartest hiring decision they could under the company’s pressing deadline. It was an exhausting process for everyone involved.

The Outcome

Within three weeks, NextGen had placed the 30 people the company needed to build their exceptional and talented task force.

Because NextGen has developed relationships with outstanding telecom candidates and employs innovative recruiting tools, we were able to quickly adapt and find numerous accomplished candidates to help staff the company rapidly to meet their growing and expanding business needs.

About NextGen

We are not your typical placement company. Conceived by a group of veterans with decades of telecom experience, NextGen was created to provide a better means of recruiting and consulting in the telecom industry. The true differentiating factor is the comprehensive analysis we perform for all of our clients. We make time to invest in our clients’ expertise and our candidates’ unique needs. Our novel structure is focused on one core issue: placing the most talented people in the field at the best companies. We have helped find jobs and employees in all 50 US states, Canada, plus several other global markets. We operate from multiple locations across the US and Canada.

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