Red Flags for Hiring Managers

July 7, 2016

Red flags don’t automatically disqualify you from a position, but they do place you at a disadvantage. The best thing you can do is give a clear and succinct reason for what happened and why. Here are the big flags.

Job Hopping

It costs a lot of money to train people, so if your resume shows you stick around for a year or two then leave that’s a big red flag. Maybe there’s a good reason for all the different jobs. They’re going to ask about it so be prepared. On average people stay with a company for 4.5 years, so it’s not like you need to be a ten-year employee to prove you’re not a job hopper.

No Dates of Employment

It’s better to just be honest and not draw extra attention to whatever it is you’re trying to hide by not putting dates of employment on your resume.


A lot of people have gaps in their resumes and are still able to get hired at great jobs. Again, it’s just a matter of explaining the gaps. You can usually allay these concerns with a very brief explanation. But don’t kid yourself, they’re gonna ask about any gaps.

No College Degree

If the job you’re applying for doesn’t require one then obviously you’re fine but much more than half will have this requirement. If you don’t have your degree listed, you’re not gonna get a call.

More than One Job at a Time

Ironically earning a degree while working makes you seem like a hard worker, but holding two jobs at the same time makes you seem like you have no loyalty.

You may need to retool your resume so that red flags aren’t quite so apparent. You want to be able to get on the phone or even better meet in person with recruiters and employers so you can give context to your resume and let people see you, not those red flags sticking out on your resume.

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