The Soft Skills You Need for Success

February 13, 2017

While your technical skill set can score you an interview, your soft skills will land you the job. Your soft skills are what makes you a great team player, collaborator, and problem solver. Employees that demonstrate these skills are often the best kinds of coworkers. Individuals with emotional intelligence, self-awareness and practical skills make for all around success.

Time Management

When you can effectively manage your workload and identify the priority of tasks, you set yourself up for optimal productivity. When a coworker asks for your help, you’ll know if there’s any wiggle room in your schedule or if you’d be overcommitting yourself. When you practice good time management, you never spread yourself too thin, feel overworked or stressed out. Good time managers are adaptable, nimble workers who can juggle multiple things at once, well.


Writing to the point e-mails, conducting a productive meeting, setting expectations when delegating work, it all requires concise communication. Good communicators are inherently good listeners. They proactively address questions, explain themselves thoroughly and leave no stone unturned. They are quick to clarify, happy to explain, and generally patient people.


Two heads are better than one, right? Employees who share their ideas and encourage others to do the same breed healthy collaboration and ultimately great work. Good collaborators bring their experience to the table but also acknowledge that their weaknesses may be another’s strengths. They are open to everyone’s opinion, know that it’s okay to disagree, and when to be decisive.

Resumes aren’t the best place to communicate soft skills, in fact, they would be out of place. Demonstrate your soft skills during phone screenings and interviews by highlighting work experience where you had to tap into these skills. For example, have you worked in a fast paced environment where you juggled multiple tasks? Or, have you worked on a team that successfully executed a project? Your ability to communicate well will shine through your resume, e-mails, and any other points of contact, so be sure you’re making a good impression.

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