Surviving the Skype interview

September 11, 2015

Skype interviews are tough. It’s not easy being yourself on someone else’s screen, but many companies are using video conferencing in the weedout phase, and while you may be the type of person that the Skype medium truly flatters, most likely you’re not. Just remember this is the round where you just need to stay alive. Here are 5 Survival tips.

1. Test Call.

It’s probably gonna feel a little strange, but especially if you don’t use video conferencing much, you need to get comfortable with it. Video chat with someone and make sure they tell you if you slouch and if your eyes are making contact. And don’t keep looking at yourself on the screen.

2. Appropriate Dress and Background.

While you may love that huge poster of Justin Bieber that hangs in your office, don’t make it the background for your video chat. And follow all dress/etiquette rules as if you were in person.

3. Digital Handshake.

A slight nod towards the person with whom you’ll be speaking adds some warmth and tone that helps the interviewer make a positive verdict on the first impression. Practice in the test call.

4. Never Let em See You Sweat.

Sometimes it’s hard to hear people clearly, but make sure you don’t seem visually strained in talking. Again, this is what stinks about Skype interviews. The technology is great, but there are barriers when you’re not in person. Take your time answering questions and don’t be afraid to ask for clarity.

5. Smile, Please.

No not that weird frozen smile but a real one. Remember to smile as much as you can (when it’s appropriate, of course). You want to be seen as a positive person, so make sure the image they take away is a positive one.

Then be sure to close the screen before you gasp or pump your fist or well just be sure the window is closed when you’re done Skyping. Then just wait for the next round.

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