The Interview Experience is Better in Tech

October 7, 2015

Maybe it’s the general pressure you see everywhere in tech to make things more human. Maybe that’s why people walk away pleased with the attention paid to the interview process at tech companies. They’ve really thought the experience through on a human level.

Glassdoor recently did an informal study to see which companies provided all-around good interview experiences based solely on feedback from interviewees. The companies had to receive 100 reviews to be eligible, and the results were a little surprising. Keep in mind these were largely executive-level positions, so many of the interviews involved travel and accommodations that the interviewers had to take care of, which brings in logistical challenges as well.

Tech Companies Had Decisive Hiring Managers

Intel led the pack with a 71% satisfaction rating. The interview process lasted three days, which consisted of one-on-one meetings where managers asked questions about math problems and things like game theory, but it never felt like a process. More of an opportunity to talk about the things the candidates loved.

Cerner also scored a 71% with participants agreeing that the process was well organized and the questions asked were good ones that figured out what team the candidate would excel in, if any. What annoyed people the most was when they could feel the bureaucracy or inefficiencies of the place, which manifested itself in things like mixups at the airport to a poorly timed lunch.

Respecting Top Talent by Better Understanding It

Apple, VMware, Epic, HP and IBM all made the top ten. What really set these companies apart was how thoughtful their questions seemed to candidates. It wasn’t just about how would you code this or that but technical discussions about real software engineering problems. In other words, the candidates felt their strengths better understood at these companies, and had more confidence their skills would be put to better use there.

About NextGen

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