The Where and the How Much: Tech Jobs

October 9, 2015

It shouldn’t be too surprising that San Francisco leads the way with tech jobs, but it also has a pretty steep cost-of-living. Austin, on the other hand, has a lot of tech jobs and much lower cost-of-living. We hear the weather’s pretty nice too, and it gets cool points for the South by Southwest festival. Atlanta and Arlington also have similarly lower cost-of-living and plenty of tech jobs, and mild winters (take that NYC, Boston and Chicago!)

San Francisco (Duh!) 265
San Jose 210
Seattle 211
Boston 223
Austin 177
San Diego 189
Arlington 150
New York City 271
Atlanta 183
Chicago 227

Cost of Living Index Composite Score from

Know the Code

And Data Scientist still tops the list with Software Engineer and Architect not far behind. UX is about to tackle the 6 figures, but fell just a G short.

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