Three Tips to Ace Your Next Virtual Interview

December 16, 2016

As companies continue to use technology in every facet of day-to-day life, virtual interviews are quickly becoming a popular choice. The ability to conduct job interviews from anywhere is a convenient option for many. A hiring manager based in California can now interview potential candidates around the globe. Since virtual interviews are still a new concept for some job seekers, it is important to know how to prepare. Here are three tips to help you ace your next virtual interview.

Access the Virtual Interview Platform Early

Nothing will cause you more stress before your interview than finding out that your computer isn’t compatible in some way just minutes prior. If you are able to access the virtual interview platform early, do so at least one day in advance. This way, you will be able to find out if you need to install any upgrades, fix any internet issues, or buy additional equipment.

Practice Using Your Computer’s Webcam

Unless you regularly use your computer’s webcam for video chatting with others, the virtual interview experience can end up being an awkward one. It can be difficult to balance where to look (e.g. directly at the camera, or at the window showing the interviewer) if you haven’t practiced using the webcam for this purpose. Before your interview, practice with a friend or family member using a computer-based video chat platform.

Prepare as You Would for an In-Person Interview

Aside from getting used to the technology involved, the rules for virtual interviews are no different from in-person interviews. Make sure that you put in the same research and prep work as you would with any other interview. Dress professionally, and ensure that there are no distractions or background noises. If you have never completed a virtual interview (or have done very few), you should even practice a little extra to ensure you feel confident. Treat this opportunity with the same respect as an in-person interview.

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