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December 14, 2015

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Social media has overtaken the internet. Surveys reveal that 94% of recruiters use social media in their recruiting efforts, and at least 78% of recruiters have hired through social media. Most people think of LinkedIn for the job search social tool, but really the place to be is Twitter. If you don’t have a Twitter Job Search strategy, it’s time to get one started.

Here are a few tips:

Brand your twitter account in your niche.

Use a handle that is as close to your name (or your business name) as possible. This cleanup also applies to your tweeting activity: Share high value, high relevance content on a daily basis. (If that sounds too aggressive for your schedule, sign up for a free account on hootsuite and put your tweets on autopilot). The more valuable the content, the more targeted your following will be. It’s important you share content that is highly relevant so you’re seen increasingly as a leading voice in your niche.

Create a list of companies you want to work for.

The twitterverse is enormous. Go in with a clear idea on who you want to connect with, what you want that communication to look like, and what steps you can take to facilitate a phone call or coffee in person. Avoid the noise.

Find a key point of contact in each company.

Connecting with the right person is crucial, which means going beyond HR personnel to their more senior counterparts who have the real hiring authority. Try to establish a dialogue with the person who would be your potential boss. The beauty of Twitter lies in the ability to get down to the brass tacks immediately by letting people know what you’re interested in, and showing them that you’re committed to the same objectives through a direct tweet, retweeting content, and favoriting tweets.

Support and engage.

Once you are supporting your potential future employers on Twitter, the next step is facilitating the opportunity for them to have an interest in you as a candidate. You don’t want to come on too strong, so be patient: Consistent, polite support will pay off eventually. If the person is an engaged member of the Twitter community, he or she will tweet back at you eventually, giving you an opportunity to engage directly and direct message a request for a quick call or cup of coffee. Twitter will get you to that point, but effective cold networking is what carries it into a job offer.

Let Twitter guide your search.

You can learn a ton on Twitter simply by following conversations about your interests. For example, if you’re a job hunter, you might be interested to know that #hiring is most active on Tuesdays, as are other job-related hashtags such as #InternNeeded, #Careeradvice, #JobHunt, #JobSearch, and #JobTips. Another hashtag, #EntryLevel, is most popular on Wednesdays. Take the time to explore what others are talking about in your field of interest – it may guide you to employers or contacts you wouldn’t have found on your own.

When Twitter’s data team did an assessment of hiring conversations, it found that there are more than 3.5 million hiring-related Tweets per month. Clearly, the potential power of this platform needs to factor into your job hunt.

For those who haven’t spent much time on social media, Twitter can be understandably intimidating. However, don’t wait until you have a big following or a perfectly curated Twitter feed to get started: your dream job is out there, and it could be yours…for 140 characters or less.

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