Using Internal Surveys to Boost Employee Retention

October 18, 2016

Hiring great employees is only part of the challenge for businesses, there’s also the hard work of employee retention. After all the time and money that your company has invested in the hiring and training process, a smart company protects that investment by working to make sure that new employee stays put.

An important first step in the process of keeping the employees satisfied with their job is finding out how they currently feel. One useful tool for gathering this is internal surveys.


It is important so that employees feel safe giving honest feedback about their supervisors and company policies, and keeping the input anonymous helps to prevent fears of retaliation.


Your company should decide a handful of key areas to track. Job satisfaction, likelihood of recommending a friend work for the company, and if the employee feels like they are given the tools to do their job are great places to start. Companies often ask for a numeric ranking and then ask for explanation of the score.

Length and Frequency

Nobody wants to spend all day filling out surveys, and your employees are no different. Try to limit the surveys to around ten questions. Make sure to repeat them at regular, but spaced out intervals depending on how quickly your company enacts new policies.

With the results of the survey in hand, your company can quickly and easily identify key areas that are leading to dissatisfaction. Further surveys can help track how changes in policy and management styles have affected employee attitudes and help you further refine your company to retain those great employees you worked so hard to find and train.

For more information about hiring and retaining new employees be sure to check our archive of helpful tips and techniques.

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