How the Unknown is Driving Telecom Work Environment Trends and for the Better

July 12, 2020

In the last decade alone, telecommuting grew by 115%, and only 4.3 million workers were employed remotely, or 3.2% of the whole workforce. Small companies were twice as likely to hire full-time. In the past, 44% of companies worldwide refused to go remote.

More work from home opportunities are now available than ever, but how will that shift the telecom work environment? What’s a desk, anyway? The reduction of commuter traffic has decreased the carbon footprint of employees stressed about being stuck in traffic but also gives businesses a significant boost in sustainability and cost savings:

  • Businesses may save $11,000 annually for each employee that works half-time from home while the employees themselves could save $3,000 to $4,000 each year.
  • Currently, working from home saves businesses over $30 billion per day in employee engagement rather than lost productivity thanks to closures.

The New Work From Home Normal

The telecom workforce is sheltering in place, and many HR departments are revisiting their workforce policies surrounding remote work. With commutes now eliminated, employers see just how happy and productive remote workers can be while saving everyone money. Some of these savings go into leveling up the work from home environment.

Telecommunications networks and services held strong against the pandemic panic. Zoom became a verb as Zoom calls and meetings increased. Whole lives moved online, with gym classes, schools, writing groups, and more socializing and networking digitally. Wi-Fi, cellular networks, social networks, and email are more essential than ever to remain connected, along with Netflix streaming in the background to simulate a little chatter for the mind as it adjusts to the new normal.

  • Work-life balance is no longer divided with most people working remotely at least half the time.
  • Robot deliveries, online shopping, and automation tools eliminate extraneous errands, allowing for more innovation and intuitive living.
  • Bartering of specialized and personalities services among people
  • Digital and contactless payments decrease the social burden of focusing on “cash in hand” and living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Distance learning allows users to log in for personalized and flexible training.
  • Online entertainment becomes more diverse and yet personalized.
  • Telehealth increases access to care levels that patients have not had in the past.
  • 3D printing focuses on convenience without dismissing sustainability.

Business leaders are learning that much may be done without face-to-face interaction. Meanwhile, society gives itself time to return to taking time for oneself and caring for loved ones. This pandemic brings a time of digital innovation that seems to distance but can lead to great, positive change.

The Mindset Shift For How We Work and Why

Happier employees mean an increase in productivity and a greater focus on the quality of work. Businesses are in a greater position to invest in their employees and customers equally.

Businesses are currently supporting the shift to remote work by conducting virtual industry events, from interviews and onboarding to entire music and book festivals being held online. Companies reconfigure office operations for limited and appointment-based visitation, which means customers can get truly personalized care while employees receive more exclusive training and insight on their performance. Now is the time to bolster skillsets.

So, what are companies offering employees to support them working from home? In the past, Zapier offered delocation reimbursement rather than relocation packages. It’s a “get the heck out of overcrowded Northern California, be happy, but commit to working for us for X amount of time” incentive.  More time at home and more cost savings mean that companies like HelpScout can afford to give significant paid parental leave packages, along with stipends for health, skill development and personal development.

Companies can offer to offset some costs for power and high-speed internet or provide advanced technology. However, the greatest gains for the blooming remote workforce is more centered on togetherness and social growth. It’s more focused on finding meaning, because who wants to work to pay bills and die, anyway?

Buckle up. Digital innovation is going to revolutionize more than telecom work environment trends. Jumpstart the process. See our latest open internal and external positions and reach out to us with any questions.

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