How to Build a Team to Achieve Your Network Goals

February 8, 2023

network goals

Building an effective team can be a challenging yet enriching experience. Building a team responsible for creating communication networks for the ever-evolving wireless telecom industry is especially difficult. The wireless industry continues to develop as customer needs grow by the day. Telecom networks are building the world of the future, so it is critical to develop and foster the right team for building telecom networks.

Below is a step-by-step approach to building a network team to accomplish daily grind and spikes in projects.

Define the team’s goals: Communicate their overall objectives and how they align with the larger organization’s goals. Multiple external factors can impact the progress of network engineering, but network launch dates are immovable. Along with defining the goals, it is critical to chart a path to meet them quickly. Measurable milestones must be determined to follow the progress and redirect as needed.

# Accountable

Identify the team members: For network engineering teams, knowledge of job function is particularly important but equally important is an attitude of always being a team player. The understanding of project ebbs and peaks is critical for the teams. There must be a certain level of cross-functional expertise that can be looked at while identifying the team and consciously developed in the team members through the project stages.

# United 

Assign roles and responsibilities: (1) Identify the tasks and responsibilities each team member will be responsible for and ensure that everyone understands their role and how it contributes to the team’s success. (2) Define overlaps and handshake points to ensure efficiencies. (3) Identify and deploy tools and process automation for efficiency improvement, delivery accuracy, and progress evaluation. (4) Create/customize such tools to best fit the project’s needs.

# Accountable

Establish communication channels: Effective and Efficient communication is critical for the success of network teams. Well-defined and regularly enforced communication modes ensure success during regular work and through any spikes in the project. Regular formal and informal meetings provide everyone is on the same page, and all issues are addressed promptly. Strengthen the culture of open communication and professional conversation despite the situation’s complexity.

# Bold

Foster a culture of collaboration, openness, and teamwork: Any team’s success depends on team members’ trust. It is vital to building an environment of confidence and interdependence. Encourage team members to work together, share ideas and knowledge, and support one another to achieve the team’s goals. Open discussions to identify and fix mistakes proactively should be encouraged.

# United # Bold

Plan for contingencies: As users, we know wireless networks are always ‘ON.’ As they support fundamental needs like electricity and water. Building wireless networks with an expected level of reliability requires a lot of planning and immaculate execution. Despite that, there will always be hurdles. Proactively develop data-driven guidelines for dealing with unexpected events and spikes in projects. When such plans are ready, ensure that team members are trained and prepared, both in skill and attitude, to adapt and respond quickly.

# Tenacious

Review and adjust: Any critical services like firefighters or armed forces will always have drills to stay prepared. Similarly, network-build project teams should regularly evaluate team and project performance. Adjust the processes and team’s function regularly to ensure efficiency improvement. Look and readjust any contingency plans as needed. Any lessons learned and knowledge gained should be documented and communicated for current and future project efficiency improvement. Continue proactively, always equipping the teams with newer skills and improved tools. Network technologies are evolving, and consumer demands are growing, so the network engineering team’s skillset and toolsets need regular updating to stay relevant. Be ready to challenge the status quo.

# Accountable #Bold

Celebrate Success and Collaboration: A team that learns from its mistakes together and celebrates together brings success to the organization. Create a culture of celebrating not only wins but also innovative thinking and effort in the right direction.

# Fun

Create a Team – Build Network – Celebrate Success – Repeat.

NextGen|GTA, A Kelly Telecom Company, follows this blueprint and has done so successfully on multiple engagements with our telecom customers. We continue this type of work with many of the major wireless carriers today.

NextGen|GTA is one North America’s largest telecom consulting firms, providing comprehensive high-value engineering, technology, and business consulting solutions. We deliver these through (1) staffing, (2) scope of work, and (3) direct hire services. We work hand in hand with leading industry players and telecom professionals. We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and consultants’ experience, skillsets, interests, and career aspirations. From there, we provide customized solutions to match our client’s requirements based on independent and vendor-neutral assessments utilizing our extensive experience. Contact us to learn more and get started.


Nikhil Dogra is Vice President of Engineering Services with NextGen|GTA, A Kelly Telecom Company. Nikhil has served the wireless telecom industry in various technical leadership roles for more than 25 years. In the past two decades, Nikhil has built very successful teams and delivered buildout projects on multiple wireless networks (2G to 5G) for carriers in the US and other countries.

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