How to Crush Your Next Job Interview

April 7, 2023

job interview

A job interview is your first and best chance to make a good impression. Your resume is only a glimpse of who you are as a professional, and most hiring managers know that what really matters is how you perform in person, not on paper. During your interview, you can make yourself stand out as a good candidate with just a few simple techniques that naturally increase the energy and genuine flow of information between you and your interviewer.

Once you master these tips, you can crush your next interview to make a fantastic first impression and come away feeling like a winner.

Before the Interview

Pre-interview prep is key. If you want to make a good impression, be prepared to be engaged, informed, and to show off your professional expertise.

1) Research the Company

  • Product
  • Values
  • What makes them unique

First, do the research on who you are interviewing with. Look up the company’s story, what they do, and why they do it. Dig into their values and projected company culture and look for their unique selling points that make them unique. Be ready to talk about the company and what you like best about the publicly available information.

2) Refresh Your Knowledge and Skills

Brush up on your skills. Do a quick practice run, review your process notes, and feel connected to the professional side of yourself that loves what you do. Have your professional process fresh in your mind before the interview.

3) Write Down Your Questions About the Company

When it comes time to ask questions, you don’t want to draw a blank. So write down the questions you want to ask about the company or the role ahead of time.

4) Test Your Connection /  Plan Your Route

If it’s a remote interview, test your software and connection. Conduct a test call and make sure your camera, microphone, and angle are all correct. If it’s a live interview, plan the route and make sure you can arrive cool, collected, and a little early.

Crushing the Interview

Now that you’re prepped, arrive in style and conduct your interview with confidence to show off your potential as a great team member.

1) Get Excited

Let yourself get excited. Express what you really like about the company along with your hopes for the new role. Show your genuine enthusiasm for new projects and opportunities.

2) Maintain Confident Eye-Contact

Eye-contact is key. Smile as much as you can and keep a level, friendly gaze on your interviewer. If you are interviewing remotely, position your camera so that you can look into the lens – or close – while watching your interviewer on your screen.

3) Be Polite and Understanding

Maintaining your cool is also a great sign of a good hire. If your interviewer has technical difficulties or needs to check their notes, maintain a friendly smile and be understanding. Show patience and professionalism for any hiccups in the interview process.

4) Show Your Passion for What You Do

When talking about your work, show your passion. If you love data sets or design, feel free to go on, a little, about what you do and look forward to doing. Reveal some detail about your process and what you enjoy most about working in your industry.

5) Ask Questions

Lastly, ask questions either when prompted or in the flow of the conversation. Interviewers today know that each interview is a two-way street and appreciate a lively candidate who asks insightful, motivated questions to better understand the company and the role.

Closing the Interview

Finally, close your interview on a positive note that leaves your interviewers feeling good about seeing you again.

1) Give a Warm and Genuine “Thank You”

Thank the interviewer for their time with a genuine smile and express that you enjoyed your conversation together. If it has been a live interview, offer them a firm, friendly handshake before you go.

2) Wish to See Them Again Soon

The best way to say, “I hope you pick me” is to say “I hope we see each other again soon”. This expresses human connection and a desire to be part of the team without pushing the interviewer toward making any specific decision. Ideally, they will have enjoyed your conversation and hope to see you again, as well.

Ready to connect to your next job opportunity and crush your interview process like a pro? NextGen Global Resources can help. Contact us today to explore a network of professional opportunities.

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