Rural Solutions

Reliable and affordable high-speed internet connectivity are fundamental for economic activity throughout the US. Access to high-speed internet is vital to close the digital divide and homework gap for the more than 1 in 5 Americans in rural areas and Tribal lands who lack coverage from fixed terrestrial broadband.

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Rural Broadband

We offer consulting, planning, program management, and more to aid in this economic development.

We help design and build the broadband networks of the future to help communities bridge this gap and provide access to faster internet using cutting-edge technologies like Fiber, 5G, Private Networks, and Fixed Wireless. We support both Public and Private Sector companies in understanding the digital divide challenge and provide services for rapid deployment. Our Services may include:

• Broadband Technology and Fixed Wireless Access Consulting
• Broadband Funding Assessments
• Network Assessment and Planning
• Network Design and Optimization
• Fiber Engineering Services
• Program Management

Secure Network (RNR)

In today’s era of hyper-connectivity, the wireless industry has evolved from outdoor mobility service to high-speed data anywhere and everywhere. This leads to deploying wireless solutions seamlessly in commercial and residential buildings. With the added options for Private Cellular Networks, our team has been instrumental in keeping our clients updated with the latest technology offered for in-building spaces. Our team is proficient in end-to-end services, including survey, design, installation, site turnup, and maintenance and optimization.


Services Offered

We offer end-to-end engineering and deployment services, including the following:

  • Site Surveys
  • Data Collection/Analysis
  • Design
  • Commissioning and Integration
  • Network Optimization
  • Maintenance and Service


Data Collection Tools

Our teams have expertise in most commercially available tools:

  • PCTel, iBWave, Invovista, JDSU, Solutelia, Accuver, Rohde & Schwartz, Actix, DAS CAD, and more.


Site Survey/Benchmark

Scope: Joint visit between our RF/Construction, and client representative to evaluate the needs of the venue. Services delivered/items determined:

  • Coverage objectives and design targets.
  • Potential locations for equipment and backhaul connectivity.
  • Collection of existing service to be considered for design.


  • Site Survey Report
  • Benchmark Report
  • Design Inputs



Scope: Preliminary/Final Design and Cost Analysis for new in-building system using iBWave.

  • Use benchmark data to ensure 8dB dominance over macro network.
  • Conduct detailed capacity analysis using indoor capacity calculator and market inputs.
  • Coverage objectives and design targets.


  • Design
  • Bill of Materials
  • Compliance Report


Site Construction

Scope: Installation and cabling of system, including:

  • Order/Receive Materials
  • Rack & Power system for equipment
  • Radios, power, cabling, and lebeling
  • IRU/Hub/Patch panel supporting Radio DOT, ASiR, Front Haul
  • Radio Power & Cabling (AP/mRRU)


  • Equipment Photo COP


Site Turnup and Testing

Scope: Creation of RFDS, CIQ, and necessary scripts needed for site turnup. Perform full

integration support during site turnup to include Alarms, RSSI, VSWR. Perform necessary call

testing, etc. to verify system operation and stability.


  • Full Integration Report



Scope: Perform post-integration validation walk to identify any issues and areas to be


  • UE in active mode and Scanner, throughput testing.
  • Test Points to include under antenna, at cell edge, handover areas.
  • Interaction with macro network at ingress/egress.
  • Ensure dominance.
  • Recommended azimuth/power/tilt changes.


  • Summary Report with recommendations and observations.
  • Close Out Package
Clients - Rural Solutions- Secure Network (RNR)