Testing & Lab Services

We bring unparalleled testing expertise, providing multi-vendor knowledge and experience across numerous technologies including 5G and IoT, and for CORE, RAN and Device testing needs.

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Device Testing

We perform extensive testing on the latest 5G devices for carriers. We support device integration and certifications both in the field and laboratory. We help our customers avert service-affecting complications by ensuring there are no conflicts between features or firmware versions, and device-specific behaviors.

Test-analyze-validate features, firmware and parameters
• Evaluate and report results
• Troubleshooting support

E - 911

Validating proper operation of E-911 service is an important requirement for any wireless network. Our Testing and Compliance teams have significant experience testing and validating E-911 performance against this ever-changing and significant compliance requirement, and includes:

PSAP Scheduling
• Live and Automated PSAP Calls
• Location accuracy readings

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For years, we have supported carriers and other wireless facility operators with theoretical and field measurement based non-ionizing electromagnetic emissions (EME) studies and remediations. EME studies provide the maximum permissible exposure (MPE) analysis and verification in support of FCC OET Bulletin 65 requirements. Our services include:

• Desktop Theoretical Studies
Field MPE Testing and Reporting
• Signage and Barrier Installation


To satisfy significantly increased demand, wireless networks are utilizing a more spectrum bands in recent years. With these wideband deployments, Passive Intermodulation (PIM) is becoming one of the most common problems for every wireless network. Our field engineering teams have demonstrated expertise performing site hygiene, hunting and mitigation.

• Reduce noise and increase coverage
• Reduce dropped calls
• Increase data throughput

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FIT / FOA Services

We have supported the trouble-free Field Integration Testing (FIT) and First Office Application (FOA) of hundreds of new wireless network and device features over the past several years. We help our customers avert service-affecting complications by ensuring there are no issues with performance and stability of network features, conflicts between features or software versions, and device-specific behavior issues.

• Thoroughly test features, software versions and parameters
• Analyze and report results
• Troubleshooting support


We conduct network benchmarking services for our customers, whether it be a large nationwide campaign or a small regional program. Equipped with the latest tools and solutions our experienced teams collect customized data sets from our customer networks. Our centralized post-processing team prepares valuable reports for delivery to our customers.

Performance trends over time
Competitive assessment against other networks
• Engineering analytics and recommendations

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