Where to Find the Fastest Networks in the US

April 15, 2021

According to Root Metrics research, some US areas have fast network speed while others have low network speed. If you’ve ever wondered where to find the fastest networks in the US, you’ll discover that today. So, stick around and read our latest blog to find out!

Businesses, health systems, educational institutions, and entertainment industries need fast and reliable networks to thrive. The fastest networks turn the world into a global village by facilitating connectivity between places and enhancing communication.

The top three US cities with the fastest network are New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Other places with considerably high network speed include; Miami, Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, Washington, Atlanta, and Boston.

Below, we delve deeper into some of the areas in the US with high-speed networks. Let’s get going!

Cities with the Fastest Networks in the US

1. New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, and Tri-State Area

These areas top the list of places with the fastest network speed of 40 plus Mbps, New York tops with a download speed of 46.3 Mbps. This is mainly accredited to the Verizon Sterling carrier with a speed of 72.0 Mbps.

On the other hand, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC come in second with a download speed of 44.6 Mbps and 42.6 Mbps.

2. Atlanta, Boston, and Chicago

These cities come in second with a download speed of between 35 and 40 Mbps. Atlanta tops the list with a download speed of 38.8 Mbps, followed by Boston and Chicago, both with a download speed of 38.1 Mbps and 36.0 Mbps, respectively. The high network speed in these areas is attributed to Verizon and T-Mobile carriers.

3. Dallas and Los Angeles

These areas come in third with an aggregate download speed of between 30-35 Mbps. While Dallas has a download speed of 32.3 Mbps, Los Angeles has 31.5 Mbps. These network speeds are a result of the considerably high Verizon and T-Mobile carriers speeds.

4. Miami and Houston

These two cities have an aggregate download speed of below 30 Mbps. If you’re looking for a download speed that’s above 30 Mbps, you’d want to avoid Miami and Houston. On the flip side, as much as they have low network speed, they’d still work for anyone comfortable with this download speed.

What affects Network Speed?

Knowing about areas with fast networks isn’t enough. Therefore, you need also be aware of things that can slow down the download speed.

  • Peak Usage: when there’s an overload of users at any point in time, it’s a normal thing to experience super-low network speed.
  • Over connectivity: whenever you have more devices connecting to the internet, you’re most likely to experience slow speeds.
  • Bad weather: Extremeweather elements such as heavy storms and high-speed wind are good at negatively affecting network speed.For example, wind can bring down power lines, while extreme cold can affect cable lines installed underground.
  • Malicious Attacks: Malware and viruses can significantly slow down your network speed when any of your devices are infected.
  • Internet Throttling: Sometimes, slow network speed is a result of unprofessional internet service providers. Your ISP is likely to throttle the internet for reasons best known by them.

Final Verdict

Have you ever wondered where the fastest networks in the US are? It happens a lot of the time if you’re a business person, a student, or a tutor in the educational space, or if you just use the internet for fun.

A slow network can be a nightmare. That’s why it’s a good idea to consider areas in the US with the fastest networks for your peace of mind. Therefore, you can work with New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago any day since they have a record for fast and reliable networks. Feel free to contact us and learn more.

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